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Through all our programs, we try to get through to all the members who have been adversely affected by their unfortunate circumstances. Here are the complete details of our relief services.


Our day center is the literal center of our daily activities. This program offers hot lunches and access to showers for the homeless. They are also provided laundry services to help them stay fresh. This program is not just limited to the day-to-day betterment of the homeless. It also aims to equip them better to face their challenges. With our counseling services, they get the necessary support, while this program also transforms them into productive citizens as it helps them search for jobs that suit their particular skills.



Life is all about falling and getting back up. The life 360 programs are aimed at providing those who’ve landed with the support they need to get back up and grow further in life. It arranges for the transitional living of such individuals. Through this program, these individuals become part of our psychological therapy sessions and are re-trained to become part of the society again as valuable members.


Our transitional living services help troubled individuals regain the courage and confidence that they need to relaunch themselves and to contribute towards the betterment of their respective communities.



Society of champions’ support is not just confined to the homeless. This program is specifically aimed at empowering women who are faced with unfortunate circumstances in life. Through this program, we provide material and psychological support to women who have had the misfortune of experiencing domestic violence. It also supports single mothers who lack the resources to raise their family.“Peas in a Pod” focuses on arranging housing facilities for these women and provides mentoring so they can support themselves financially. Through this program, these women become self-sufficient and are strengthened to.



We at Society of Champions understand the value of a balanced and nutritional diet. Its importance is even higher for those who don’t have access to it. Through the Beatrice Fields Nutrition Pantry, we aim to provide a healthy diet for the underprivileged members of the society. This diet contains products that fulfill the nutritional value required for human growth and well-being. 

Our pantry contains fresh produce of meat, dairy, and frozen items that are provided to the families in need. This program is the manifestation of the idea that physical nourishment is as essential as mental nourishment. 

We are concerned about the welfare of young boys, particularly those that are fatherless in their evolution and development into men. What we do is to create communities of dedicated and committed men who serve as mentors and are able to guide as well as support these boys so that they can grow up into men of stature and caliber capable of making effective contributions to the society.

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